Saturday, August 25, 2012

Programmed for Trouble

Yay, the weekend is here!
Just wanted to share a vertical border with you using the "Robots" and the "Short Borders 1" pattern sets  from Designs on Cloud 9.
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Up for a Challenge?

Check out the challenge going on at
3 Gift Certificates to her website will be the prizes chosen by
1st drawing $20
2nd drawing $15
3rd drawing $10
Good luck if you decide to take on the challenge!
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

My first Vertical Border

Seems as though the vertical border is the new thing lately and Designs on Cloud 9 had a Challenge going on to make a vertical border with a season theme and DC9 patterns of course.  So this is what I came up with.  
I really like the way it came out and it is a great use of those larger scraps of paper!

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Road Trip Busy Box

Almost the weekend! Yay!
I just wanted to share a busy box I put together for my kids for when we take our road trip to Myrtle Beach.
I found some great ideas and printable work sheets on  (gosh I am so addicted to that site)

I went to...
Walmart and purchase a tall somewhat narrow container (I want this to sit just in front of the two backseats in the van), 1" binders, pencil pouches, folders, 1 pack of notebook paper and pocket sheet protectors and a coloring book or two.
The Dollar store I found word search books and little activity pads.
Staples was having a great sale and I bought plastic pencil boxes, colored pencils, markers, crayons and dry erase markers w/ the eraser attached (so no one looses it).
My daughter threw in some of her workbooks from school last year.
I already had a License Plate Game board that was given to us last year from my SIL. (but there are printable ones on the web) I will provide links at the end of the post.
Of course I had to dress up my stuff for the occasion.
I used my digital software and .pngs from 
Designs on Cloud 
and clear packing tape to attach them to the busy box, the binders and the pencil boxes ( I tried to mod podge it to the pencil boxes first, but it just peeled up)   :0( 

The big box of stuff

 Some of whats in the big box

The personalized pencil boxes

 The personalized binders

There are the awesome little dry erase markers I found at Staples (yeah we got that) LOL 
This is my daughters (7yrs old) binder

 Fun printables Bingo and hangman 
(I slipped them into the pocket protectors and you can them over and over with the dry erase markers)  
Brilliant find!

More fun printable stuff 

Ripped out some word search pages and put them into the protects per request from my daughter
 Notebook paper and folder (Monster High of course)

This is my sons (3yrs old)  Little tougher to find printables he can do, but I figured he could follow the pictures in the bingo cards and I found a picture scavenger hunt printable (my daughter has one with only the words on it)

 I bought a Mickey Mouse learn to write your letters book at the dollar store, tore all the pages out and put them into the sheet protectors for him to practice writing his letters and there are some games on the pages too, letter related of course

 Oh and we MUST have an Angry Birds activity and coloring books LOL
There is those little awesome dry erase markers (can ya tell I love those little things)

The photo scavenger hunt printable I told you about earlier and his scribble notebook paper 
So that is pretty much what I put in there for them... I am sure they will add to it when it gets closer to leaving.  Here are the 2 links I used for the printables ...
Mom's Mini Van - lots of printables for a road trip
The Dating Divas - License plate game printable

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Friday, August 10, 2012

50 Blows and ...

DC9 Freebie
Yippie it's Friday!
I just wanted to share a Lollipop arrangement I made for my Uncles wife's 50th Birthday.
I hope she likes it, I love it!
I used one of the bears out of the "We Love Bubbles" pattern set from
I used a glass water goblet, floral foam, curly ribbon bows (taken apart), basket grass and skewers from the dollar store and 2 bags of Charms Blow Pops from the grocery (probably could have gotten them at the dollar store too and saved $2.00, but I bought them prior to everything else)
total cost was approx $9.00 (not including the paper I used) , not bad for a really cute gift!

Here is this weeks FREEBIE from Michelle at Designs on Cloud 9.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bottle Cap embellies

Thought I would share some finished bottle caps with the images I have created.
So many things can be done with these.
If your interested in any pre~made caps I sell them for .75 each w/ minimum if 4 purchased.

If you order 10-19 they will be .60 each
20 or more they will be .50 each.

$2.00 shipping up to 3 oz (which comes out to 30 caps or less) 
Over 30 caps will be additional shipping also.

Monday, August 6, 2012

New and Improved and Weekly Freebie

If you haven't checked out the NEW and improved Designs on Cloud 9 website, you must have a look...

New LOWER prices  (no need to wait for a sale, she now has the lowest prices every day!)
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Register your FREE account( do this by the end of August and get 100 free Reward Points that will be added to your account within 24 hours of registering)
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More features to come!

Big, no a HUGE GIVEAWAY too!  
A Sizzix Eclipes with ECAL!

Grab this weeks freebie while you are there too :0)

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Bottle Cap Crafts

These bottle cap images are made using patterns from Designs on Cloud 9.
If you are interested in these Print Your Own (PYO) bottle cap images, I will be selling them.
 I have EXCLUSIVE rights to sell them from the owner and artist Michelle.
I will also be selling the finished bottle caps once I work all the details out.
Here are just 2 of the adorable bottle caps images and some ideas of what you can do with them. 

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Sorry for the late post here is this weeks freebie from Designs on Cloud 9

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