Saturday, October 31, 2009


Kira had a good time trick~or~treating & Aiden just wanted to eat all the candy. He would head for the treat bowl and I would move it and he would hollar at me... yes already he is yelling at me. The pic of Aiden by himself is him stealing candy out of the bowl.

Kira's Halloween Parade @ Pre-K

The teacher had them get together in a group so the parents can take some pics... this is the best I could get due to so many people there and I could not leave the baby in his stroller alone.... It's a cute one. Kira is the last one on the left side next to her teacher.. she is a pretty pirate. Once I get Aiden dressed later I will take a shot of the two of them together... he is going to be her parrot. Aren't I clever... tee~hee!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Aidens Christening...

was great!! It went off without a hitch! I thought my house would be stuffed like a can of sardines, but it was fine... we got a large space in the basement cleared out and set up some tables and chairs... the kids played with all the toys and it was all good!!! I have to take a better pic of Aiden in his little white suit and post it... he looked so handsome. :0) Now that that is over we can get back to finishing up the basement, not to much more to go!! Joe says he wants it done by or before Christmas... That is deffinetly do-able!!! Yeah I might be able to scrap again soon.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

So busy...

We have been so busy the last week or two getting ready for Aidens Christening. I have been scrubbing the house, moving all kinds of stuff into the basement and getting it organized, shopping for all the food (yes I am cooking for 50 something people!!! CRAZY I know!!!), making the candy bar favors. Shopping for outfits for everyone, painting the basement walls & floor, cleaning the garbage out of the basement (thank goodness Joe took off from work this week!) On top of all that I had to find an outfit to dress Kira as a scarecrow on Fri for the Fall Festival at school (should be cute I will post pic of her).
I was hoping for nice weather on Sunday, but looks like I will be cramming all those people into my little house! UGH!!! On a brighter note, the basement is almost done, so we are going to set up some tables and chairs down there and some people can hang down there & watch football and some can stay upstairs and mingle. Do what ya gotta do! Right??? Well off to cut up some chicken...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

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Friday, October 2, 2009

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