Thursday, October 15, 2009

So busy...

We have been so busy the last week or two getting ready for Aidens Christening. I have been scrubbing the house, moving all kinds of stuff into the basement and getting it organized, shopping for all the food (yes I am cooking for 50 something people!!! CRAZY I know!!!), making the candy bar favors. Shopping for outfits for everyone, painting the basement walls & floor, cleaning the garbage out of the basement (thank goodness Joe took off from work this week!) On top of all that I had to find an outfit to dress Kira as a scarecrow on Fri for the Fall Festival at school (should be cute I will post pic of her).
I was hoping for nice weather on Sunday, but looks like I will be cramming all those people into my little house! UGH!!! On a brighter note, the basement is almost done, so we are going to set up some tables and chairs down there and some people can hang down there & watch football and some can stay upstairs and mingle. Do what ya gotta do! Right??? Well off to cut up some chicken...

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