Monday, December 28, 2009

OMG!! Santa brought the Wii

Oh what fun it is.... this is going to be a BIG problem getting my basement done!! We much rather play then work..hee hee! I have some of my area started. We have the base cabinets & counters in part of my craft/office... we have a lot more to go...we have to finish installing the drop ceiling, top cabinets, electric...oh it seems the list is never going to end. I also need a creative way to cover the sink cut out in the counter top so I can actually use it as a work surface. I would like the surface to just flow with no ledges, smooth! Of course the cut out had to be on the counter end that was going to be facing the playroom & tv area, the area where I would do most of my work on so I can work, watch my kids &/or tv. Oh well, where there is a will there is a way!


  1. so happy Santa was so good to you...yes, we enjoy our wii as the wii fit a while back and do not take advatage of it like i should......glad you are having lot of family fun...that is what it is all about...hope the rest of your holiday is fab and sending you wishes for a blessed New Year...happy holiday hugs...sandy

  2. Yes, it does sound like fun .. although I don't have one yet. But you're gonna love your basement when it's all done!

  3. You must have been on Santa's Nice list! We love our Wii. My hubby and I have date nights on Fridays where we pick a game and play away. Good luck getting your basement done too! Seems like it takes forever but when it's done it will be fabulous!!!
    Hugs & Happy Days!


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