Monday, December 20, 2010

Need some advice

I made this layout as a gift for a friend that lost her 18 yr old son 4 years ago to a blood disease.
(Wish it was a better picture)
When he was little she would call him her little monkey.
The advice I need is... do I put, My little Monkey as the title or do I leave it w/o a title?
I know the colors are girly but I made it to match the colors of her bedroom where I think she would keep it & I figure she could put 2 of her favorite pictures of him as a little one in black & white.
I am going to put it in a shadowbox frame that I am going to crackle paint, she is into shabby chic and the distressed look.
Also, I added Angels wings to the Monkey because now he is an angel watching over her. Do you think that is too much?
Need some help please.

xxx, Staci
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  1. Love the wings .. I would leave them! Adn I think I would add your title .. or just put "my little" down by your monkey .. she is going to love either way! such a sweet thing for you to do!

  2. I would add the title. I think it will have an even more special meaning for her. Great job!

  3. I would add the title and maybe his first name on the monkey. How thoughful of you.

  4. That is so beautiful and so thoughtful. I think the title is a great thought as well but I might cut it out and give to her to add after she puts her photos in. She may want to layer it over a photo depending on the pics she uses and if there is any open space. Either way, she will LOVE it!!

  5. Aw so sweet..I would leave the wings and the title.

  6. This is a beautiful project. I would leave the wings. I call my daughter my monkey and I know I would find it soo touching! TFS


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