Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How do you store & ...

find the svg's you download???? I have all my files on a removable drive in folders according to the svg ie; holiday, borders, hearts, flourishes, etc., but darned if I know exactly what each individual file looks like unless I open it up in either SCAL or INKSCAPE. That takes a lot of time! Need some ideas please....


  1. I use Renesis Player. You can do a search on google for SVG viewers. I found this out on Craftedge forum. It is a program you use to open the folders and you then the images of the SVG will pop up. Then you close Rensis playerand the SVG images wil show in your folder. Everytime you download a new one you will have to open In Renesis Player. I will try to find the links for you. You can also go to www.svgcuts.com their blog and it has a tutoria video on how to do this.

  2. This is awesome, thank you so much!!! This just makes life so much easier!!!!!! WOW!!!!

  3. I wish there was way to organize them in photoshop elements organizer or some other graphic organizer where you could tag and categorize them.


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