Monday, March 8, 2010


Yesterday, since it was so nice and warm here 50*(heat wave), hubby & I cleaned out and organized our shed. Good Gosh did it need it!!. My hubby is NOT a very organized guy, he is the type to do a project and most of the time he either leaves tools where he used them or just puts them anywhere instead of where they belong & that leads to having to search for what he needs the next time he goes to use them. Which turns a 1 hour project into a 2 hour project due to playing hunt for the tools (and it's always my fault because "you must have moved them") LOL!! Anyway, it's nice and neat now and you can actually find what your looking for.

So today I decided to go through all my crafty stuff I had packed away from when I lived in my apartment (over 5 years ago). Whoa, I found so many goodies. I found, tons of ribbons, lace, buttons, little wooden lady bugs, flowers and more. Now I have come to the conclusion even with all the cabinets and the draws that I have in my new space I need more shelving to organize the way I want. The only problem is I have cinder block walls & hubby doesn't want to put any holes in the block. We are going to be putting up another wall with a doorway to close up a storage area (when is the big question), and I will be able to put shelves on that wall, but it is killing me to have to wait (not a patient person) to organize everything. This is why I have not posted any pics of my new space ~ it ain't done yet!!!! ~ Killing me!!!! Just thought I would share.

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