Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wow, 2 Sweet Blogger Awards!!

I checked my comments this am & found not one, but two
From~ Sandy: Details By Sandy & Fern: Fern's Creations!!
Thanks Girls!

Rules for the award is as follows - link 5 of blogger friends and say something nice about them, pretty easy right!!

Now, I know this award is going around and if you have already gotten it, I personally don't think you need to do this again unless you want to...thats only my opinion.

(I hope I'm not offending the blogging world by saying that)

  1. Sandi : Soft Side of Sandi ~ she always has a sweet comment to give & such pretty work.

  2. Chelsea: Crafting Life's Pieces ~ this girly girl has some stunning works of art .

  3. Penny: Penny Ducan Creations ~ She is another one to always give a sweet comment & she shares some incredible cutting files!! I mean incredible stuff!

  4. Sherri: Paper Artist Boutique ~ very sweet lady that creates and share some awesome files & has just reently been working on converting her files to work with several different programs.

  5. Nanne: Nanne's Creations ~ Nanne was one of my first followers and is a very inspiring scrapbooker - she does incredible work and always has a kind word to share with you.


  1. Hey Staci.....I am absolutely HONORED to receive this award and I THANK YOU so very much!!! It is indeed a beautiful award and I will proudly be displaying on my blog this evening....Thank you again and for the awesome comment on my blog...I hope you have a very blessed day!!!

  2. Hi Staci, congrats on your cute awards! You really know how to make my day! You are super sweet...Thank you so so much for thinking of me! So glad to have meet a sweet blogger like yourself! ~Chelsea

  3. Staci, I probably won't be able to get this posted for awhile but wanted to say thank you for your sweet comments. Take care.

  4. Wow! Thank you for the award! What a sweet thing. And you said such nice things, I was blushing... ;) I will be sure to pass it on. Sherry


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