Thursday, August 26, 2010

2 Trendy Blog Awards ~ Feeling the Love :0)

I received this blog award from 2 awesome blogger's.
Celeste from Touched by a Butterfly & Heather from Images by Heather
both of these girls are crazy talented check them out!
Thanks girls!
Rules for this award are as follows...
Thank the person from who you received the award from... check!
give the Trendy Blogger award to 10 other blogger's whom I think display their talent and time/effort on their trendy blog site... Check!
I am also to list two reasons why I started blogging and why I continue to blog. Check!

1. I started blogging originally to promote my ebay listing which I am no longer doing.
2. I continue because I want a way to share with others that have the same interest since none of my friends share my interest in scrapbooking. I also like to share svgs I convert with others and maybe inspire a person or two.

now onto 10 blogger's who I wish to pass this to....
this is a tough one, so I am going to break the rules a little... I would like to pass this on to all of my followers if they would like to accept it.


  1. Congratulations...I thought about you too but I saw you and I both got it together from Heather. Yup...I enjoy your blog and getting wonderful ideas.

  2. yay! Contrats on your award and thanks for passing it on to us! You're awesome!


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