Saturday, October 23, 2010

My try at digi images

OK, out of all the digi's I have won & the freebies I have collected I did not have anything for a new home, so I made my own out of a coloring book image... Well the coloring ain't no copic markers but it is all I got!
My beer pockets don't hold that kind of cash for that champagne marker... LOL!
No too shabby though right?
The card is for my hubby's nephew & wife they just purchased their first home as a couple!
I am so excited, it's the first time I am going to meet baby Addie, she is now 5 months...
she is the one I made the name collage for in this post, if you would like to see it click on the link.
Thanks for visiting! xxx, Staci
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  1. Well I think it's adorable! I think your coloring is great!

  2. Staci, I need to send you an email but don't see a link/address - please email me at

  3. OMGosh Staci, you are too funny about the markers! Your coloring looks great...copic or no copic! lol Beautiful card.

  4. You did an excellent job!! Yeah, I can't afford Copics either....but I love my coloring pencils from Dollar Tree LOL!!!


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