Friday, August 12, 2011

Playing with Digital Images in a cool inexpensive way

So, I saw this cool you~tube video about using colored pencils and blending with baby oil...
So I printed out two Digi Stamps from
Now for some reason my net book computer prints some of my documents fuzzy and others perfect....well these are fuzzy (NO fault of Design on Cloud 9) Like I said, it was my computer.
Any who... I had this Copics colorless blending pen that I won in a Big Blog Candy a while back (had no clue what to do with it so I put it to the side) After seeing the video I thought that this pen was just what I needed to use to dip into the baby oil since I thought it was a dry thing for blending...well it has some type of liquid in it, so I try the pen as is on the top image with Crayola Colored Pencils... Not too bad
The bottom image is done with Crayola Colored Pencils, a Q-tip and baby oil.... Now if I had a blending tool such as a paper stump or stub I think it would have come out a whole lot better.... I really had no control of where the color blended to due to the Q-tip being so broad. So next trip to Michael's or AC Moore I will be on the hunt for Paper Stumps (this is what someone told me that they are called) Pretty cheap coloring tool! I can not afford to buy 24 $4 markers so my $1.97 for 24 pencils and a $2 generic bottle of baby oil is a perfect price point for me!! :0)
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Hugs, Staci

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