Friday, March 22, 2013

Birthday Card

Hi!  I have a few Birthdays coming up, 
so you may be seeing a few more Card posts...
I love the simple look of this card.
I used "Diamonds" from one of the new backgound patterns and the Daisy from "Fancy Flowers" pattern set from Designs on Cloud 9
The sentiment is from 2 stamps sets from
Everyday Occasions and Holiday Occasions - 2 staples in the stamp collection 
Be sure to check out the new stamp sets coming out the 2nd week in April ~ pre-order now :)
Thanks for visiting!
Hugs, Staci


  1. Love how the lattice cut works so well with the flower. Great card. It makes me look forward to the Spring.

    1. Thanks Patty! Sorry my replies are so far from when you commented... I don't get to my blog much with FB and all. Plus life just takes over as I am sure you know :)
      Thanks again!


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