Friday, April 5, 2013

Say Cheese

So I started out making this a card, but then thought 
"hmmm this would make a cute (somewhat large) embellishment for a layout".  
So that is what I am going to do with it... When you ask?  That I am not sure of... 
have to find the right photo(s).
I used Designs on Cloud 9's "Background Circles" (thought it would make a great cheese look)
and the hanging mouse from the "Insta-Cutie" pattern set
The cute and perfectly fitting sentiment is from one of 's NEW stamp collections, "That Tastes Punny" which you can pre-order now.
Thanks for visiting!
Hugs, Staci


  1. Staci, I saw this card in my email from DC9 and thought it was really clever. Then I checked out Joy's blog to find it was yours! Great job! :)

    1. Thanks Patty, the image was just so fitting for Joys new stamp :) Have a great day!


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