Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Made my first Office/Craft room purchase for the Basement

It's not even close to being done but, I bought Kira & Aiden (when he is big enough) or the hubby a chair to go in the office/craft area in the finished basement. Kira was so excited to have her own chair for the area, she has been sitting on an old step stool. She picked her chair out, I wanted 2 black so that they would go with everything, but she had to have the pink one with the pink,white and blue flowers on it, I must say it is cute (PICTURED ABOVE) I also scoped out the Christmas Tree Shop for some fun stuff to put in the basement, but if I come home with anything before we have a place to actually put it in the (finished) basement I think Joe will put me down there with all the junk.

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