Thursday, November 12, 2009

So excited!! Updated

I may be getting a entire kitchen cabinet display from the home depot to make my srap/office space in the basement!! (DH is a Dept head there so we can get a good deal) It is a Merlot colored red with black silestone counter tops & back splash --- Oooohhh Aaahhhh, pretty right!? & it will work well down there because in the kids area which is going to be right next to my work area the colors are all primary and black, the tv area is black leather.. so I am pretty set... I hope we can get it.. I should know by tonight if I am getting it and then I should be back to scrapping before Christmas!!!! Yippie, I am jonesing looking at all the blogs full of beautiful work that everyone does & scratching to try some of those great sketches I come across...Gosh I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is is pic of the basement so far that I was supposed to post last Friday but never got to it.. actually I forgot about it until now... also the link to the before pic post.. The very back of the basement is where my scrap/office will go. What a difference ay!!??

I did not find out about the cabinets last night... nothing happened with the reset so I need to wait some more..UGHHHH anticipation is a killer! LOL

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