Monday, September 20, 2010

How many of you are thinking about getting ...

the Cricut Imagine?


  1. I love my cricut, and right now it does everything I need it to. I do like the 'idea' of the Imagine... but I will certainly invest in Copics before I ever upgrade my Expression. Koodo's to Cricut & HP just the same tho =)

  2. Neat concept, but way too expensive for me. I've already invested so much with my Cricut, Expression and cartridges. I wonder how well this will do with the expensive price tag.

  3. It's too expensive and I wouldn't know where to put it! :)

  4. Not me.....I'm TOTALLY HAPPY OVER THE MOON with my Expression and SCAL.....I prefer to make my own files or use free ones then purchase all the cartridges that may have only a few files I like....So I'll be passing on the Imagine.......

    Staci...THANK YOU SO MUCH for your AWESOME comment on my are SO sweet and have made me smile!!! Hope you have a very blessed day!!!

  5. WOW Staci,, this just goes to show you how out of the loop I am... I don't even know what a "cricut imagine" is??? But then I don't use my Cricut Expressions/Gypsy that much yet.... when I retire I plan on using it alot more... Hugs!!


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