Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Disney Freezer Paper T-shirt's

These are the T-shirt that I made for our trip to Disney World. I didn't add  the "Disney World" title, it was tearing the freezer paper.
I used the scut2 file for my daughter's and my shirt that Michelle was so nice to share with me, she shares some great files...check her out!
 Yes, we are going to be one of those corny families that wears matching shirts.
I was told that was totally acceptable when in Disney, although my husband may not think so.  LOL
He thinks I am corny, but I think he will wear it to make my daughter and I happy.
My daughter and I have red shirts with the Minnie shilouttes and I i-rocked Minnie's bow
this is the front...
this is the back...
I put our last name (god forbid either of my kids get seperated they can be identified) and the 10 stands for year we visited.
Here is my sons shirts, I made his and my husbad the same... I just recently added the fireworks to theirs because I hit my hubby's shirt with the brush and left a black mark... so the fireworks were born to cover the mark and I added it to my sons so he could match Daddy. The back will be the last name and #10.

Thanks for visiting!
xxx, Staci
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  1. OH Staci....I love these shirts. You did rock them. I am sure your husband will get there and appreciate your shirts...My hubby would of thought it was corny too, but in Disney anything goes. Have a good time!

  2. Wow Stacy!
    I LOVE THESE you did such an awesome job on them and yes I am one of them corny people that wear matching shirts . Last time we were their we all wore thing shirts from Universal...Have fun I really like the Minnie ones...

  3. These are perfect! You make a craft project out of everything! I love it!

  4. Love the shirts Staci!! Great use of bling!! Have a super fun trip!!



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