Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank you! I hit 100+ 1 ~ CLOSED

So, as promised I am going to pay it forward.  It is a small candy, but its packed with love.
 I will draw from comments on this post. 
I am going to my husbands friend in NC for Thanksgiving & then we are off to Daytona Beach & Disney for a family vacation.... Tell me what you will be doing.  
 I will leave it open until Sunday 5pm est.  I will then draw a name & post the winner no later than Monday evening.
Thanks again!  Good luck to all that leave me some love!
xxx, Staci
scroll to prior candy post to see what is included.
Again I aqpologize, I can only ship within the US


  1. I will be working for the holidays. But it will be at Michaels so its not really working at all. I live in NC. Stop by and say hi while your here!

    Emily C
    The Wonderful Insanity Called Life

  2. Whoooo Hooooo., I knew you would get your 100 followers..... Well we have a tradition in our family... The kids call it "Thanksmas"... My son and stepson go to their other parents for Christmas so we have Christmas on Thanksgiving day... Santa comes the day before Thanksgiving and we have our fun Thanksmas Day.... Then on Christmas we have Christmas for my daughter... It is soooo fun the kids love it....
    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway and haven on your trip....

  3. Congratulations, doll! We will have Thanksgiving dinner at our house, complete with all the fixings! I can't wait! :O)


  4. Congrats on getting 100+ followers. Almost every Thanksgiving my hubby, my dd (Lily) and myself go to my mom and dad's. My sister, BRother in law, niece and nephew, gram and some others come over and we spend time together. Also since Christmas can get so out of control and cost so much, we end up pulling names out of a hat and that is who we buy for. We do this every thanksgiving. It sort of like a secret santa, because you never know who gets you until Christmas. So fun. Thanks for the wonderful blog candy...have a safe trip. We just came back from Daytona and Disney. We had so much fun.

  5. We're celebrating Thanksgiving a little early. My little sister is leaving for an LDS mission so we won't see her for two years. She leaves in less than a week so we're celebrating it early. My hubby is working on Thanksgiving so we'll just keep it simple on the actual day. :) Thanks so much for a chance and congrats on reaching 100+ followers!!!! :)

  6. Staci... prayers and "thank you's" to your Uncle Bruce! Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. WooHoo!! Congratz again. I cant wait to hit 100 just so I can have a giveaway as well!!
    Unfortunately this year I will be working 8(
    I'm a nightshift nurse and it is my turn to work Thanksgiving, so my family and I will be having an EARLY dinner that day. Its all good. With everything thats going on.....I'm thankful I have a job!!
    Have a great Holiday!!

  8. Congradulations! We are going to Portland to visit family. I wish I was going with you. When I was little I lived near Disneyland and we would go several times a year - those were good times and good memories - have a great trip!

  9. Congrats on hitting 100! I will be celebrating Thanksgiving with my "small" family; my two children, my mom and my sister! We will stuff ourselves eating and watch some good movies! Nothing like family time!

  10. Congrats on 100 + followers! Great blog. We go to my in laws for Thanksgiving every year.

  11. You've got 100+2 followers now! Congrats girl! I'll be planning my shopping all week for Black Friday...Thanksgiving Day we plan to stay home and prepare a small dinner for just the two of us. My family will be away and weren't able to join them.

  12. Hi thanks for the chance to win, I will probably go to my sons for dinner (its great when they do the cooking) Come home, nap, then craft :)

  13. Congratulations Staci!!
    All of my kiddos and their families will be eating Turkey at our house!!


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