Thursday, August 6, 2009

I have received my first TWO blog awards

I was awarded these by a great girl from the Cricut MB. Thanks Sandy! Check out her great blog, she is a very talanted chickie & sweet too~ . I was told I need to pass this along to 5 others, but I just started blogging and really don't have all that many friends online that blog, the blogs I follow are for inspiration... One person that was a great help to me when I was having a problem with downloading files from Treasure Box Designs (no fault of theirs) was Stacy, she tried and tried everything she could to help me and finally it worked... She has an awesome blog too. (hope you don't mind Stacy). Thanks again Girls

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  1. I too have left you a little somethin somethin on my blog to show gratitude for leaving love on my blog..


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