Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Winter circle svg

Here is another free svg, I am trying to learn how to do this on the easy stuff before I go trying to convert something more difficult. Let me know what you think. Comments are appreciated especially if you download the link. :0)
File removed due to lack of common courtesy... several downloads and 2 people bothered to comment & they didn't even download the files!!!


  1. Hi Stacy...just wanted to say how much I love your work...I know I always try to comment on the mb but I just read you frustrated comment on the board and just wanted to let you know while I did not download...cuz I don't know much about saving files etc...but I am thinking about scal...and i guess that is what you need to do this...i'm challenged in this area...anyway I agree that appreciation and support are so welcome and "needed" so I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you sharing your talent with us on the I get frustrated as well with people who post tons and leave very few comments on others posts...i notice you always do try to encourge others...and me thanx and big hugs sandy

  2. I feel the same way Sandy does.. sharing a few kind words doesn't take much of someone's time.. too bad not everyone feels this way.. I too don't have SCAL just yet (in the mail, arriving hopefully this week) and no nothing about these files. but, you have done an amazing job on these.. I hope to see more of your work..

  3. Hi miss staci....I have something for you on my blog...want to welcome you to my 'circle of friends'....also passed along a beautiful blogger award to all my followers...and I see you are one please pick that one up too!!!!!


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