Sunday, August 9, 2009

More basement updates--

The family & I took a trip to the Home Depot last night to get some sheet rock and some shelving brackets for the basement. Hopefully my dad comes today to help Joe box out the heating/air trunk so we can sheet rock it all! While little Mr. Aiden is napping I can work on building the shelving unit I want to make in the unfinished area to put the extra cans and jars next to the freezer. Then we have to order the replacement Windows and once that happens I can pick a nice light color to paint the walls. Then we need to install the counter tops that Joe got for a steal @ HD, due to a special order being returned. Unfortunately the sink had already been cut out of the one length. I have to figure out a way to cover that - maybe I can put something on it and use it as a cutting block or somewhere to set eyelets (I put dent all over my kitchen table setting eyelets) OOPSIE!! I will post some more pictures as the work progresses.

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