Friday, July 22, 2011

Cricut Cartridges for SALE

These carts are all still in there original boxes boxes and they all come with their book and the overlay. NONE of them have been linked to Gypsy, I don't own one. Some have never been used (they are opened) and others are hardly used, I was more of a collector of them then I really used them. They all have some writting in black marker on the top of the boxes because I stored them in a draw & that was the easiest way to find what I was looking for when/if I wanted to use a certain cart.

I have researched prices as to what they are going for on Ebay, so all prices are listed next to the carts. The carts with *** are in very high demand so make me an offer to consider.

  • $30 Stamped
  • $25 My Community
  • $25 Walk in my Garden
  • *** Christmas Cheer ***
  • $20 Stone Script ~ solutions
  • Street Signs ~ solutions
  • $20 Printing Press
  • *** Paper Pups ***
  • $20 Mini Monograms
  • $25 Zooballoo
  • $20 Beyond Birthdays
  • $20 Tear Drop
  • $25 Fabulous Finds
  • *** New Arrival ***
  • $20 Locker Talk
  • $25 Animal Kingdom
  • $20 Doodletype
  • $15 Printing 101
  • $15 Opposites Attract
  • $15 Pooh Font
  • $25 Happily Ever After
  • $15 Base Camp
  • $20 Cuttin Up
  • $25 Paper Doll Dress Up
  • $20 Plantin School Book
  • *** Story Book ***
  • $20 Jasmine
  • $25 Joy of the Season


1 cartridge will be $3.25 first class or

1 cartridge will be $5.50 priority flat rate

If you are interested in more than 1 cartridge we can figure out shipping, just email me...

If you are interested in any email me at with the cartridge(s) in the subject line that you are interested in and how you would like the item shipped.

Anyone that is interantional you can email me & discuss shipping cost.

I will send a $ request thru paypal if you are interested in purchasing.

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