Saturday, May 15, 2010

Award... your going places baby!

I received this award from two very talented ladies... Jill from Scrappin the Memories & Fern from Ferns Creations , Sorry it took me so long to post it... so the rules are tell where you think your going to be in 10 years and pass it along to 10 other bloggers.

Hmmm, where am I going to be in 10 years???? Well, I hope we are in a better financial place, maybe moved to another less expensive state, both my kids will hopefully be rockin the books in school and I am working in a field that I love, maybe even my own business of a nail/hair salon or scrapbooking store. Only time will tell. Going to break the rule a little... I am giving this award to whomever would like it, only because I know some of you have already gotten it... I hope I am not ofending the blogging world by bending the rules. Enjoy everyone have a rockin weekend!!!! XXX, Staci

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