Monday, May 3, 2010

Help, Netbook mistake??????????answered

I purchased a netbook yesterday because my laptop battery & powercord died & it would have cost me over $200 to replace both of those & the netbook cost mejust a little more. Now I am rethinking my purchase because this will be my soul computer in the house... do any of you have a netbook that they run scal off of? I am not that savy about MB's & GB's to know if 160MB is enough to run ds & SCAL w/o slowing the little thing down. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. PLEASE PLEASE I only have 20 days from yesterday to return it if I made a mistake. HELP PLEASE!!

Thanks to the 2 that answered, I have decided to keep my netbook. I have loaded both SCAL & DS & comp seems to be running fine. Hopefuly it will stay this way.


  1. I have a netbook and I run SCAL, MTC and Design Studio on it with no problem although it is not my only computer. I bought it specifically for use with my cricut. Not sure if that helps but thought I'd reply. Good luck!

  2. My niece has a netbook and SCAL on it. Sorry to say it's slow. I gave her a flashdrive with all my SVGs so that it wouldn't slow down. I believe hers is a HP.


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