Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Sunday, was wondering....

How do you store your clear unmounted stamps?

I have started to accumulate a few, mainly for my daughter (studio G, the dollar stamps) & I would like a way to store them nicely so they can be seen easily with out having to rummage through several small packages. I am trying to organize my area so I can maybe start doing some scrapping & I thought I would ask all you wonderful & helpful peps.
Thanks, Staci


  1. I put mine in old CD cases (I buy cds cheep at garage sales and throw away the cd), then you can put a peice of paper with the stamped image where the cd lable used to go since sometimes its hard to see the clear image, you can add a lable to the spine for themes.
    I have my photos picked and paper sitting right here next to me...getting closer!

  2. I put mine in CD cases.. I tape a pice of paper on the inside cover and after I stamp each image to know what is in the case.

  3. I don't have many. I keep the wooden and clear stamps in a box I rescued at work, it contained "Moon Cakes". It works for me now.


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