Friday, May 14, 2010

One Day blog CANDY~ 2nd post today

Pieces of me is having a one day~5 individual candies for 250k hits!
This is a fun one...

5~ take a pic of your youngests dirty socks
these are my 18 month olds after running outside in the dirt - boys!
4~ a picture of a plant in your home or work area

3~ something you ate today
2~ something round in your home or work area
1~ something pink in your home or work area
me this morning - my pink night shirt and robe.

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  1. Too the socks and oh how I can relate to what my kiddos used to do when they were small!!! ;) Thank you for your very sweet comment on my blog......and due to email issues a couple of weeks ago girl...I lost the link to the purse can you send me the link and I'll get it created this weekend...I APOLOGIZE!!! I feel terrible!!! ;(


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